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The Guild of Our Lady of Good Counsel

Supporting Mothers and Babies in Crisis

What We Do

The Guild exists to provide information, support and help to women experiencing a difficult time in their pregnancies and to those with children, particularly newborn, facing hardships. We serve women from all religious backgrounds, all nationalities, all ages, all social classes, rich or poor, married, single, minors, and generally whoever finds their way to us.

Additionally, we are one of a tiny handful of charities that frequently assist pregnant women with NO ACCESS TO PUBLIC FUNDS, the Guild of Our Lady of Good Counsel can provide food, baby food, nappies, clothes, baby goods and even accommodation to Mothers with no rights to housing or benefit. We regularly assist pregnant women who are sleeping on the street to obtain adequate housing and support to see them through their pregnancy and beyond. And we continue to assist them in many ways when the baby is born and for as long as they wish.